Stagette/bachelorette party package


This Package Includes

  • Cover charge for each person ($13 value)
  • Around-the-neck shot glass for the bride
  • Party favours for each person (Light up rings & party beads)
  • Porn Star shooter for each person

Table Decorations

  • Martini glasses of goodies/candies on the table
  • Stagette caution party tape wrapped around table
  • Stagette napkins
  • Aussie Rules stagette scavenger hunt sheets

More Package Information

  • Minimum 1 week notice required to book this package
  • Final number of guests can be lowered up to 48 hours prior to the party
  • Payment required (in cash) upon arrival by each person in the party. ATM is available at Aussie Rules Foodhouse + Bar.
Contact the reservation coordinator at least 1 week in advance to book your package

Festive party extras

Our extras give your party that very special festive feel. Plus you can relax knowing your tables will be perfectly decorated and ready for your guests upon their arrival.

These items can be ordered individually or by our bundled packages:

Package a

$5 per person
Table cloths, candles & crackers

Package b

$6 per person
Table cloths, napkins, candles & crackers

Package c

$7 per person
Includes all of the individual extras

The individual extras


  • Black linen table cloths
  • Christmas red linen napkins
  • Mood candles
  • Candy cane dishes


  • Party crackers/poppers

These extras are required (at the latest) when confirming your final number of guests. We require a minimum notice of 1 week simply to ensure availability of these extra items 

*The prices of individual extras does not include GST.

Multi-course dinner options

4 Courses

$30 per person

Soup, salad, one entrée, & dessert

3 Courses

$28 per person

Salad, one entrée, & dessert

2 Courses

$24 per person

One entrée & dessert

1 Courses

$20 per person

Choice of one entrée


Party platters

$70 per platter

Our Party Platters are an easy way to provide a light meal or appetizer for your group. We drop them off at your tables, and your guests help themselves to a variety of fantastic apps! You can also add on a few of our Designer Platters to compliment your Party Platters. Enjoy!

Please note: our Party Platters are designed as a meal for 4 or as appetizers for 6-8 people.

Designer platters

$35 per platter

Our Designer Platters are designed as a compliment to further enhance your Party Platters or plated dinners. These platters are designed as a meal compliment for about 8-10 people.

Drink tickets

Option a

Restricted drink ticket
$7.00 value

Domestic bottles of beer, draught pints, hi-ball cocktail & selected wine by the glass

Option b

Unrestricted drink ticket
Open value

Customize any dollar amount per ticket, to allow premium, doubles, martinis, schooners or whatever you like!

These tickets can be purchased in advance so the total beverage amount of your function can be pre-determined prior to your event. Please note refunds are not provided on any unused pre-purchased drink tickets. Open bar with no limits on number of drinks, types of drinks or dollar amount.

Host tab (open bar)

Option a

Open bar with no limits on number of drinks, types of drinks or dollar amount.

Option b

Open bar with drink tickets so the number of drinks per person is set by you.

Option c

Open bar with a monetary limit established for the tab (example–max $500).

Frequently asked questions

Thank-you for booking your party at Aussie Rules! Here are some guidelines we recommend you share with all your party to ensure your group has a fantastic experience at Aussie Rules.

  1. 1

    There is a $13 cover charge per person. To ensure the line moves quickly, we accept only cash for this cover charge. An ATM is located at our front entrance for your convenience.

  2. 2

    Please don’t forget your ID. We are required by law to ask any person who appears 25 or younger for government issued photo ID. Unfortunately we are legally unable to make any exceptions to this rule.

  3. 3

    Please ensure your group arrives on time. We offer a 30 minute grace period past your reservation time.

    1. If any portion of your group fails to arrive by the end of this half hour period, your remaining tables will be offered to guests on our waitlist.
    2. Once our venue reaches legal capacity, we are required by law to start a line up. Every member of your group needs to arrive within the half hour grace period to avoid this line. No exceptions can be made to advance your guest through the line. Please understand that having open seats at your table does not guarantee anyone getting past the line. Our capacity is based on the number of guests in the room (whether standing or sitting).

  4. 4

    Special occasion cakes are encouraged for your party, however Alberta Health Services requires these cakes to be commercially produced or “store bought”. We are not allowed to let our guests consume any “home-made” items in our building. Please let our reservation coordinator know if you are bringing a store bought cake, we will gladly hold it for you until you would like it served.

  5. 5

    Please drink responsibly and plan a safe way home. We have a direct taxi line on site, and our staff can provide phone numbers for “alternative driving” companies.

  6. 6

    On the night of your reservation, a section will be provided to accommodate your group. This section may consist of booths, high tables, low tables, or any combination of these three. Groups do not get one large table or booth, but rather smaller ones in the same section. We can not guarantee which section a group will be getting as the floor plan is not finalized until the actual night of show due to cancellations and group sizes changing.

  7. 7

    HAVE FUN! The management and staff of Aussie Rules will strive to provide a fun, exciting and unique experience for you and your group! We encourage you to participate by clapping, singing and dancing along! But please refrain from dancing on the tables…the floor doesn’t break, but you might!

Every seat is a good seat at Aussie Rules!